Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Week of Blessings

What a week! Mother's day was wonderful -- Tad and the girls pampered me, taking care of all the meals and even cleaning up after themselves! Knowing how much meat does not like me these days they even planned something where it was not the main feature of a meal (not to mention that it was a dinner everyone loves). All I wanted was to have time with my family and that was exactly what the day was -- nearly perfect.

Tuesday night Talia called home to let us know somebody wanted her to accompany them this semester. At the beginning of each semester she is to have an assigned vocalist and instrumentalist, but anything beyond that is cake, and therefore she is able to get paid for her services. I am still amazed at the talent this young lady has been blessed with! Who knew that these talents not only could skip generations (although her grandmothers both play the piano well), but my grandmother (her great-g'ma) was my dad's adoptive mother. She was a concert-level pianist and that seems where Talia is headed these days. I never knew blessing her with Grandma's name would have such significance in her life. I love talking with Talia and hearing her testimony and maturity grow -- 18 years is finally paying off!

Also on Tuesday Tad and I went to visit my doctor again. They were not able to detect the baby's heart beat the week before and I'll admit, I began to get a little nervous. One week later there was still nothing on the Doppler so we went in for a "quick peek." Sure enough, the little shrimp as we were calling the baby last week was still there, just playing hide-and-seek, not wanting to be found. All is well and we were able to go home knowing that everything at this point is looking good for our littlest blessing. This week it has grown to the size of a lemon, so I think it will be our little tart for this week!

The other girls are all counting down until school gets out. Jocey will be starting her senior year in the fall and Madison moves to the 4th-5th grade building (not soon enough it seems!). They are such strong young women. I am glad the Lord blessed us with six beautiful daughters. I still hold by my opinion that it was paybacks to let Tad know how fathers felt whenever he took out their daughters, as he truly loved to date and be with girls when he was a teenager, but he is a fantastic dad. He is always there to support them and isn't afraid to let them know he cares. Our lives are great, and we look forward to the summer and all the excitement that this will bring (and laking, too, Chloe says!)

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